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jaguar f-type

jaguar f-type Sound Libraries for Sound Designers and Effects Editors
jaguar f-type Sound Libraries for Sound Designers and Effects Editors
jaguar f-type Sound Libraries for Sound Designers and Effects Editors
263 tracks
jaguar f-type sounds

Jaguar F-Type 3.0 Liter 380Hp 6 Supercharged Soft top

The library includes multitrack onboard and external recordings. This was done in the south of England on a private race track hired specialy for the recording on a good weather day. +20 degrees with very little wind. The car was driven by a professional driver to achieve its maximum performance and diversity of sounds. The onboard recording consists of 8 tracks: a stereo interior; engine above (cylinder head); engine below (gearbox); air intake; stereo rear perspective exhaust.

A special rig is used to capture a natural rear perspective sound from the exhausts. It allows the mics to be placed around 60cm away from the rear of the car. Allot of effort has gone into developing wind shielding that stops the wind buffeting at high speed which allows us to capture the car at the top end of its performance. There is also a close mic on the exhaust that captured sounds of the car moves at lower speeds.

The collection includes static recordings of the car doing pass-bys, corner-bys, up and stops + aways, engine on, idle and static revs. Special effort was made to get as long as possible recordings of the car approaching and driving away. The most important part of this exercise has been to capture the car in its natural environment outdoors on a road with all the aerodynamic effects that add to and make up the overall character of the cars sound at the top end of its performance. This has come from a culmination of experiences gained over years of recoding cars for film, TV drama and computer games. Whether or not you will need a recording of this particular Jaguar F-Type is debatable. For the effort that has gone into making this recording, for the price, this library is well worth it.

This download consists of 263 individual sound files. 96 kHz 24bit. 116 6-track files and 147 Stereo Files. The download is 7.26 GB of data. All files are tagged with relevant metadata for use in Soundminer and the like. The PDF shows the entire track listing with a detailed descriptions of each entry. It including acceleration and deceleration ramps for computer game sound designers to be used with programmes like Crankcase Audio's Rev. Please get in touch if you would like any more information.

DPA 4011, 4021, 4061
Sennheiser MD421
AKG D112
Sanken CMS 7

Sounddevices 788t and 702t

Fairchild 670, GML 8200

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